🎵 It’s very clear, Instagram is here to stay 🎵

🎵 It’s very clear, Instagram is here to stay 🎵
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If you can’t beat them, join them, they say. So the most relevant of brands did just that. Apple, or should I say @apple, joined Instagram yesterday morning.

They did their first post 17 hours ago. Both their feed and stories feature multiple -very well produced- videos with content from different users that were, as their new hashtag says, #ShotoniPhone.

This is a very clear sign that Instagram is not going anywhere. Or don’t you remember when Adobe Flash was everywhere until Apple boycotted it? R.I.P. Well, it actually didn’t die, just had to go into witness protection, and now lives a very low profile life – probably somewhere in Kansas or North Dakota- under a new identity (Adobe Animate CC, last time I checked).

Apple is just agreeing with what we already knew. Instagram is the most relevant social media platform for brands today, and the one most likely to have a real impact in your business.


So whether you’re B2B, B2C or just a “bb”, if you’re not focussing your social efforts on Instagram, you’re missing the mark.

Remember that Instagram is highly visual and used for entertainment, so give your promotion-drive social media calendar a break and try an app like Planoly or UNUM to create and curate great, creative and entertaining content. If you need some tips of what to post, check out our tips here. And if you shoot with your iPhone, don’t forget to use #ShotoniPhone.

By the way, @apple, don’t forget to select a cover for your videos. That white frame with a simple ‘hello’ doesn’t look good on your content mix. The owl shown later in the video would be much nicer, or the wave. Don’t you know people love blue Insta posts? You must be new to this.

Manu Muraro is the founder of Your Social Team, which focus on helping brands DIY Social Media.

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