10 Photo Ideas for Your Brand’s Instagram

10 Photo Ideas for Your Brand’s Instagram
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In my workshops, when I ask people what are their biggest social media challenges, most of them say it’s coming up content. Not only it’s hard to produce good content, it’s also hard to find something interesting to post each day. Especially when you have many other tasks that can’t wait. That’s why it’s helpful to always have some photos up your sleeve, so they can save you when you are having an Insta block.

Here’s a list of photos you can take for your brand’s Instagram:

1 – Coffee

People always enjoy seeing a nice cup of coffee, whether you’re at a cool neighborhood cafe or at your desk. Find an interesting angle and make sure what’s in the background looks good, too.

2 – Take a foot/floor shot

These photos are usually interesting, especially if you’re wearing fun shoes or standing in cool looking floors. Another plus is that you can use the trending hashtags #ihavethisthingwithfloors and #fromwhereistand.

3 – Your logo

I always suggest that brands find an appealing way to have their logo present on their Instagram feed. So be creative and take a shot of your business cards, a pen, your brand’s tee, the sign at the company’s entrance or the logo on your product.

4 – Your product with a cool mural

Running out of creativity? Grab your product (or your logo sticker, business card or even your phone) and take a photo holding it in front of a mural. Make sure you tag the artist, the neighborhood and all the relevant players. Want to know where the cool murals are? Check out our list of most Insta-worthy places in the city.

5 – Highlight a team member or founder

Any fun or professional headshot will work. Even better, take a few photos and make a gif. On the copy you could tell the story of how they had the idea for the company, how they met and joined the team, talk about some funny habits, or their favorite things. Remember, people want entertainment, so don’t be like “John is in charge of accounting and graduated at the university of.. boredom”. Ha!

6 – Office pets!

Office pets make great Instagram posts. Especially if they’re in the middle of a meeting or sitting on a business plan. That will also show your great company culture. Not to mention that you can use some dog/cat related hashtags that are different than your go-to hashtags and can bring you a different audience.

7 – Food

Everyone likes good pictures of food. What a great excuse to go somewhere nice for lunch! Take a bird’s eye view shot of that sushi roll and tap into the foodie hashtags. Tacos on a Tuesday will also do. Or even better, get a decadent desert in your hands for that “treat yoself” post!

8 – Your desk

Put a couple of your things around your laptop. Coffee mug, colorful notepads, headphones (style it up!) and take a cool shot. Don’t forget to leave something interesting on your screen, like your website or Instagram feed.

9 – Pretty city views

Beautiful views of your city are always a hit. You can use photos from other Instagram accounts, just make sure you ask for permission and tag them properly (which means a very clear photo cred on the caption).

10 – A stock photo

There’s nothing wrong with putting a stock photo in the mix here and there. Just make sure you find a reason to use it and it fits your visual identity. Unsplash has beautiful free stock photos and gratisography.com has some crazier options. Worth taking a look and saving some in advance for when you need them.

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