These 5 Hotels Are Sure To Make Your Instagram Dreams Come True

These 5 Hotels Are Sure To Make Your Instagram Dreams Come True
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We absolutely love businesses that make their spaces fun and oh-so-insta-worthy! That doesn’t just add to the experience, but also, in an age when everyone is trying to create content 24/7, is a very smart strategy to make the business grow.

So since we have a little over a month of summer left, we thought we’d share our list with you! So travel bloggers, take note!

5 Hotels To Make Your Instagram Vacation Dreams Come True

Number 1: The Saguaro Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

The picture speaks for itself. The hotel exterior is painted in rainbow colors, surrounded for palm trees and clear blue skies. It’s the favorite destination of many Instagram influencers and content creators, can we blame them? The interiors are just as fun, but with this view, who would want to stay indoors?

So pack your camera and book a room here.

Number 2: Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, Ibiza, Spain

This new hotel in Ibiza is any instagramer’s heaven! The pool, the lobby, the restaurant, and every room is to DIE for! Fun fact: they have a suite in the lobby that is a glass room where you can spend one night for free, if you’re brave enough.

Grab your Instagram husband and book your stay here.

Number 3: The June Motel, Prince Edward County, Ontario.

The June Motel is not as over the top as our previous picks. But the reason we love it is because they kept it simple, yet memorable. The decor is adorable, but affordable, with wallpapers, blush color blankets and pink doors. They thought of every detail and that’s the reason you’ve probably seen or regrammed one of their photos, even though you’ve never been to Ontario. Their robes say “I woke up like this”, their do not disturb signs say “not ready to adult yet”.

So pack your bestie and get a room here!

Number 4: Hotel Clermont, Atlanta, GA (representing!)

The newly open Hotel Clermont’s style is, as they put it,”rock n’ roll meets grandma’s living room”. Every room decor is filled with great detail, patterns and sass reminiscent of the 60s. They also have awesome restaurant Tiny Lou’s and rooftop bar, so you don’t need to be on vacay to visit.

If you’re feeling nostalgic, book a staycation here.

Number 5: The Dwell Hotel, Chattanooga, TN

Last but not least on our list, The Dwell Hotel is only a couple hours away from Atlanta and so adorable! A perfect excuse for an Instagram weekend getaway. From the lobby (as you know, we’re suckers for pink couches!) to the colorful and tasty bedrooms and the adorable restaurant and bar, the Dwell is sure to make your Instagram feed rank higher in the algorithm.

So recruit the girl gang, and make reservations here – but good lucky picking the cutest room!

Have a great trip!


Manu, founder of Your Social Team.