5 Instagram Stories Hidden Features and Tricks

5 Instagram Stories Hidden Features and Tricks
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There’s no question that Instagram Stories are vital for businesses today. With the changes in algorithm and new fun and interactive features being added to Stories every week, we can’t tell you enough how important it is to create Stories daily that represent your brand, product and add value to your followers and future followers.

But Instagram Stories also have features that you can’t see in buttons and tricks that we learned along the way. And we’re sharing them all with you:

1) Slow Down! Are your Instagram Stories going by too fast to read? Just tap your screen and hold, and you can look at a Story for as long as you want.

2) More colors! Don’t love all the color options from stories? Tap and hold on any color and you will be able to pick from the whole rainbow. Want to match a color from the photo or video? Use the Color Picker tool on the bottom left of your screen and select any color of your image you want to use.

3) Rainbow text! This is one of my favorite! Did you know you can create rainbow or ombre text in your stories? To do that, you have to write your text and select all. Then simultaneously hold the end of the selection and your colors, and move your fingers through the colors and the text to create a colorful effect. That’s hard to picture, but you can see the gif below or check out our Tutorial Highlight on our Instagram @yoursocialteam.

4) Poll placement: avoid placing your Poll sticker too close to the right or left sides of screen, because people won’t be able to vote. When they tap on the option on the left of the screen, they will tap back instead of vote. Same with the right side and tap forward. This also goes for people’s handles. Make sure any clickable element in is centered in your Stories.

5) Hidden hashtags and locations. Here’s a good trick to get more engagement in your Stories without making your graphics too busy: make your hashtag sticker really small and place it underneath your graphics (you’d need to have text with a background color for this to work). But make sure you don’t use this to hide photo credits and other’s locations. Promoting others generate good will and makes Instagram more fun.

For more of our tricks, join one of our Instagram workshops. 

See you on the ‘gram!


Manu, founder of Your Social Team