5 Reasons Why You Should Get On IGTV Stat

5 Reasons Why You Should Get On IGTV Stat
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Instagram has recently launched their own video platform, IGTV. IGTV solves the need for a longer format video tool, since Instagram Stories only allows 15 second videos, and posts on feed, up to 60 seconds videos.

Haven’t started using IGTV yet? Here’s why you should!

  • To get your audience engaged for longer. IGTV is a great tool to provide longer form content to your audience, which is hard to do on a post or story. Did you know that 80% of the people would rather watch a video than read a blog post from a brand?
  • Swipe up, everyone! That’s right: accounts of any size can add a swipe up link to one of their IGTV videos in stories. Another great way to keep your audience engaged for longer, and take advantage of IG stories.
  • Big, bold notification! When you add a new IGTV video, your followers will get one big orange notification across the top of their screen about your new video! At a time when there are 1 billion IG accounts for your posts to compete with, being singled out on these notifications is a great perk!
  • Adopting early! Don’t you wish you had started your IG account 5 years ago, so you’d have a huge following? Adopting these new tools earlier will also help your brand with awareness and sales!
  • It’s free. While professionally produced videos also look great on IGTV, anyone can learn how to create their own.

Here’s a few tips to get started on IGTV (DIY-style, of course!):

  • Download IGTV on Apple store. You will need it to upload your own videos, although you can watch IGTV directly on the Instagram app.
  • Check out your existing videos. If any of them are still relevant enough to share, that could be a great and easy way to start.
  • Download InShot app. This app will allow you to create your own vertical video or to resize your current videos to vertical (you can either use it on current size with a blurry frame or center and crop to vertical).
  • Get a phone tripod if you don’t have one yet! This will help placing your phone on a good and not have it shake during your video. You can record vertical videos on your phone and use InShot to edit, add music, voice over, graphics and such.
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