5 Tips From The Instagram Team To Up Your Insta Game

5 Tips From The Instagram Team To Up Your Insta Game
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A few boss ladies from Instagram were interviewed recently at SXSW Conference in Austin.  Here’s their latest advice (and my comments) to up your Insta game:

1. Post frequently.
Our comment: that doesn’t mean you should post a lot if you don’t have good content to share. That could back fire. But if you do have content and are able to post more often without lowering the quality, then YASSS!

2. Reply to comments. 
Our comment: you need to reply to EVERY comment, even if there aren’t questions. We recommend checking your account for comments first thing in the morning, midday and before leaving work. That way no comments will go unanswered for more than a few hours.

3. Use more mobile pictures, not always glossy high-res images.
Our comment: we still stand behind good quality photos, whether they’re taken with your phone or not. But we agree with them. You should try to make your content more organic, have people interacting with your brand and some in the moment content. No one likes a feed that looks like a life-less catalog, even if the photos are pretty. You should still avoid dark phone photos and practice taking photos with your phone in natural light. If you want to get better at taking photos with your phone, join us on April 6th.

The boss ladies of Instagram: @lwseawood @evachen212 @claudine and @lilacina at SXSW.

4. Have a healthy mix of posts, stories, feeds, lives and locations.
Our comment:  we always recommend you use as many Instagram tools as possible. That definitely helps having a fun and engaging presence on IG!

5. Lose the obsession with the grid view and having it perfect. 
Our comment:  you should worry more about your grid if you’re a content creator, photographer, artist or maker. For those, your feed will be your portfolio. If your strategy is to shoot for the daily engagement, you have to think of posts that perform best and compromise on the visual identity if needed. Ideally you’d be able to balance both, though. 😉

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Happy posting!

xoxo, Manu, founder of Your Social Team