5 Tips To Be A Killer Social Media Manager

5 Tips To Be A Killer Social Media Manager
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Social media today is a tough place for a brand to be. With Facebook’s algorithm hiding brands’ posts from their own followers and Instagram having over 1 billion accounts releasing content into the wild every day, it takes a solid and ever-changing strategy and lots of tricks to make a business stand out.

But the good news is that you can do it!

So here are a 5 tips to get on the right path and be a killer social media manager:

1. Establish meaningful goals: we hear a lot people say “we have to get 10k new followers by the end of the year”. This is an empty goal. Anyone can get 10k followers overnight, if you just buy them (PLEASE DON’T!). 10k followers also means nothing to your business if they’re not engaged and not converting into dollars. So when establishing your number driven goals, think about a small number of leads generated by Instagram monthly, or a raise in your engagement, increase in newsletter sign ups driven by social, etc.

2. Give people a reason to follow: your social content should not be a diary of the company. It should be a service of it’s own. You should think of who your followers/costumers are and what do they need and enjoy. If you’re a fashion brand, they may need ideas on how to make their clothes last longer, or how to accessorize, or tips from a guest fashion blogger, for example.

3. Start conversations: a lot of times we forget to leave the social in social media. One word captions that are just an overused pun or a trending hashtag, can be okay for a post here and there, but shouldn’t be the norm. Your captions should be engaging and approach topics your audience is intrigues by, or have thoughts about. That way they will feel compelled to comment, share, DM and start a deeper relationship with your brand.

4. Know your apps: there are many apps today that can help you create better and more interesting content in less time. So have the few go-to for your brand and be in the loop when new ones come around. We shared some of our favorite on our IGTV here.

5. Always evolve: as the platforms quickly change and evolve (we’re looking at you, Instagram), you have to evolve with them. If you’re a social media manager and all you do are posts, you really need to get some new skills. Learn, use and get familiar with Instagram stories and all its tools, learn how to edit videos for IGTV, learn some basic graphics, even if just with apps on your phone. Things change quickly in the social media world, and you don’t want to be doing the same things you were doing a year ago, whether you’re a social media manager or a brand.

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Manu, founder of Your Social Team


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