Our Favorite IG Posts of 2017

Our Favorite IG Posts of 2017
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As we kiss 2017 goodbye, we wanted to celebrate some great Instagram posts of this year.

Okay okay, I know I have to start this list with a HUGE disclaimer. Choosing the BEST Instagram posts of the year is an impossible task. There’s so much out there and I am sure there are many amazing accounts that I don’t even know of!

So we decided to make our list from some of the accounts we enjoy and invite you guys to add your favorites to the list in the comments.

So here they are: Our Favorite IG Posts of 2017

Number 10: 

@blytheivory gave us all a Monday Motivation that is Instagram perfection: it was taken at the adorable @thejunemotel with one of the most Insta-worthy accessories ever: a @mycinemalightbox. We have regrammed it before and have also seen many other accounts do the same, for obvious reasons! Our tip: adding regram-friendly content to your strategy is a great way to grow! 🌿

Number 9:

When I first saw this @carriec (aka Elle’s mom) post below, I realized Influencers were doing better editorial fashion photography than fashion brands themselves. Isn’t that something? Funny thing: read the comment J Crew left on her photo:

jcrew: We love this photo! We like it so much that with your approval, we’d like to share it in J.Crew marketing—including our website, social media, social media advertising, email, stores & print. Read our terms & conditions here (http://jcrew.co/Trigi) & just reply with #yesjcrew to agree. Thank you!”


Note to J Crew: pay your influencers! 😉

Number 8: 

This heart-shaped disco ball from my fellow Brazilian @blogdomath makes our list for an obvious reason: HEART. SHAPED. DISCO. BALL. Duh. Can we come to your NYE party, Math? 💓

Number 7:

This adorable tiny bathroom selfie from LA-muse @alexmichaelmay makes the list for a simple reason. I have been in this @pietronolita bathroom, it’s adorable, but it’s TINY and has no windows. My selfie there was -barely- postable, just saved by intense editing sessions with @acolorstory. But Alex’s photo turned out like this. ❤️ Alex, please tell us your secrets!

Number 6: 

You guys all know I am biased when it comes to @sheepish_addie (can you blame me?). But this post just had to make out list because it was just brilliant: Addie’s mom organized the pet influencer photo op of the year! Got all the best local doodles in one sweet red car for this christmas perfect photo! It worked well to beat the low engagement of the season! It was also regrammed everywhere, including @dogsofinstagram, exposing this squad to 4.1 million followers! 🎄

Photo: Shelby Rae Photographs

Number 5: 

It’s hard for us to choose just one of @aww.sam ‘s posts. But this year she did a great makeover in her studio kitchen and it was just perfect! So on-brand for her. We can’t stress enough that if you have a physical space, you should make it as social media-friendly as possible! It will help you create content and your brand will promote itself! 🍭

Number 4: 

It’s not news that @jenniferlake‘s account features beautiful outfits (I look at it more often than I look at my favorite stores!). But this year she took a trip to Portugal and the photos are breathtaking. Travel bug, anyone? ✈️

Number 3:

@noelledowning was in Paris starting the most beautiful photo shoot with her photographer friend @rachmartino when her then boyfriend (who was NOT supposed to be in France) surprised her and proposed. Seriously, I dare you to watch this video and not have something in your eye. ❤️

Video: @themoonthief

Number 2:

If you’ve been to our workshops or look at our posts frequently, you know we’re obsessed with @mattcrump. He is one of the most creative people using Instagram today (has anyone seen the #crumpemojigames he’s created?). While it was tough to choose, we went with this one below, which is a great example on how to pair beautiful images with captions that are just as strong as the visuals. Matt is definitely our favorite unicorn!


Number 1:

We were *trying* to leave our besties out of this list, so we’d show accounts and posts to you guys that you may not have seen before. But we HAD to pick for our number 1 the @instagram feature of our very own (Atlanta, friend and client) @tinydoorsatl.

When artist Karen Lynn, aka Tiny Doors ATL got an email from Instagram, she thought it was a prank. But they really wanted to feature them. Not just on a post, but also a series of stories that were so great! Tiny Doors ATL has been working hard on their content strategy all year and it paid off. When they got featured, they had around 31k followers. Because their content was so beautiful, fun, balanced and well thought-out, people liked what they saw, followed and stayed. They doubled their followers almost overnight, and have now, just 4 months later, 76k followers! Not so tiny, is it? 👏


That was our list! Hope this keeps you inspired as it does us! Now we would love to see some of your favorites as well, so share away!

Happy 2018!

xoxo, Manu, founder of Your Social Team

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