FINALLY! Instagram gives us the goodies on their NEWEST algorithm!

FINALLY! Instagram gives us the goodies on their NEWEST algorithm!
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The Instagram algorithm struggle is REAL! It definitely needs an algorithm. Without one we’d see so many low quality posts just because they were posted at that exact time, that no one would use Instagram anymore. It helps the user experience and also helps those of us who are putting time and thought into our accounts. But I won’t lie, seeing lower engagement is rough, especially as we are working so hard to promote our small businesses.

But Instagram finally gave us a little more insight on how it works and what we should do to thrive. They had a meeting with some members of the press on Friday and shared the goodies.

First the three main factors that determine what you see in your Instagram feed:

  1. Interest: How much Instagram predicts you’ll care about a post, with higher ranking for what matters to you, determined by past behavior on similar content and potentially machine vision analyzing the actual content of the post.
  2. Recency: How recently the post was shared, with prioritization for timely posts over weeks-old ones.
  3. Relationship: How close you are to the person who shared it, with higher ranking for people you’ve interacted with a lot in the past on Instagram, such as by commenting on their posts or being tagged together in photos.

But these other factors also influence ranking:

  • Frequency: How often you open Instagram, as it will try to show you the best posts since your last visit.
  • Following: If you follow a lot of people, Instagram will be picking from a wider breadth of authors so you might see less of any specific person.
  • Usage: How long you spend on Instagram determines if you’re just seeing the best posts during short sessions, or it’s digging deeper into its catalog if you spend more total time browsing.

They also explained for once and for all that some of the rumors out there are just that, rumors:

  • Instagram does not hide any posts from the feed forcing us to buy ads. Scroll down enough and you will see them all.
  • How you use stories does not affect on how high your posts will rank. However stories has a huge value on reaching more people and promoting your business effectively, do keep them coming!
  • Personal accounts are not favored in relation to business accounts. So keep your business accounts as business and use all their benefits (insights, contact on home, auto-publishing through approved partner apps, ability to create ads).
  • Shadowbanning is not a thing. That’s nice to finally put that myth to rest!

Source: Tech Crunch

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Manu, founder of Your Social Team