First Social Media Influencer Ever?

First Social Media Influencer Ever?
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In the beginning of 2009, after making a deal with a telecom company, Brazilian TV host Marcelo Tas posted his first sponsored Tweet. Then things got interesting.

His inbox got completely flooded by messages from fans, friends and journalists alike. Many of them complaining: they thought he “sold out”. To the fans, he released an explanation on his blog, something like “I have yet to find another way to make a living other than to work”.  With his characteristic wit, he reminded journalists that their salaries were also paid by advertising.

In the middle of those many messages was an email from no one other than The Wall Street Journal (mind you, Tas is a Brazilian celebrity, whose Twitter is in Portuguese). The reporter said to him:

 “I think you’re the first person in the World to be paid to tweet.”

That conversation turned into a full page story. Fast forward 9 years and Influencer Marketing is a $1 billion dollar industry and about to double in the next couple of years (yet people are still confused about it!).

Marcelo Tas shared this incredible story and many others at one of our favorite Your Social Team events to date: Social Media Chat with Marcelo Tas, that happened in São Paulo, Brazil, last week.

It’s true what they say, life is better when shared with your besties! We teamed up with a couple of our crazy talented friends for this event: Thais Marin, founder of apArt Private Gallery hosted and produced the event (yes, she has an art gallery inside her apartment and we’re trying to move in!). LA-based photographer Cacá Santoro, took these incredible photos, so we could share a little bit of what went on with all of you!

Tas is also no stranger to us. I have collaborated with him in original content on and off for almost a decade while working for Cartoon Network.

Our dream team: Cacá Santoro, Marcelo Tas, Thais Marin and Manu Muraro

In the best of Holiday spirits, all the proceeds of the event are being donated to Casa do Zezinho, a Brazilian nonprofit that aids at-risk youth, which Tas has been supporting for a couple of decades.

We chatted for over 2 hours about innovation, social media strategy and even blockchain technology! After that we had a tour of the art gallery with the presence of many of the artists. One of them, Luiz Pardal, painted a picture live, which is being auctioned to benefit to Casa do Zezinho as well!

So there you have it. Whether Tas was the first Social Media Influencer ever or not, now we know how it all started. Talk about going full circle!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Manu, founder of Your Social Team


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All photos: @caca_santoro