Instagram Tips: How to Regram Like a Decent Person

Instagram Tips: How to Regram Like a Decent Person
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Hello everyone! Hope Halloween treated you all – and by treating I mean CANDY!

Regram is the new term for user generated content. It means what it sounds like. You get someone else’s Instagram post and repost it on your feed. They are a great (and cheap) way to curate great content and also, if done properly, can help the original content creator to grow. So everyone wins, right? Well, not always. Most people -even successful brands- will just use other people’s photos like they’re their. No credit, or no proper credit.

Today at @yoursocialteam‘s Instagram Stories, we shared a guide on how to properly regram other people’s images, without being a… let’s just say, while being the decent person that you are.

We picked this adorable image from NYC-based blogger @aww.sam in one of her DIY costumes (see what I just did there? That’s right! Proper credit!). You can just read the steps in each of the photos.



Just remembering: photographer credit doesn’t go in form of a tag on a photo (no one has any idea what the tagged people’s relationship to the photo is, and many people don’t tap to see it). It also doesn’t count when you put your photo cred down below, hiding with your list of trending hashtags.

This photo is not yours, and it doesn’t become yours once it’s on your feed. So make sure you don’t crop, add a filter, brighten, darken or do anything to change its original format. What if it doesn’t look good your feed unless you make these changes? In that case, it’s the wrong photo for you to regram, and it’s okay to just admire it on someone else’s feed.

We also recommend that you start taking your own photos. You can still use regrams, but it’s great to start creating your own content. I know it’s a cliché, but practice does make perfect, or at least, Insta-worthy.


-Manu, founder of Your Social Team