Instagram Story GIFs: Your Secret Weapon To Get Your Brand In Front Of Large Audiences on Instagram

Instagram Story GIFs: Your Secret Weapon To Get Your Brand In Front Of Large Audiences on Instagram
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Earlier this year, Instagram launched the GIF sticker tool inside Instagram Stories. This integration with Giphy allows us to add expressive GIF stickers to any photo or video in a story. And users are obsessed! But the best part is that any brand can have custom Instagram stickers of their logo, product, pet, people or event.

So here is a little FAQ on these infamous Instagram Story GIFs.

Q: How does one make an Instagram story GIF sticker?

A: You have to animate your logo or image you want to use to make a GIF (we do it in Photoshop) and create a square GIF with a transparent background. Then you upload them to the Giphy site and once they review and approve your GIF, they appear on Instagram stories for you and anyone else to use it.

Q: Can anyone upload their own GIFs?

A: No, only approved/verified brands and artists can upload these GIFs to Giphy and have them available on Instagram. But we can do it for you.

Q: How do I search for my GIF inside Instagram Stories?

A: When uploading your GIF, we use SEO (search engine optimization), or keywords that people can would search for, like the name of your business or event, and other words related to the GIF itself like “hello” or “funny”. If you search for any of those keywords, you can find your GIF.

Q: How does having our brand’s own GIFs help our business?

A: In basically 3 ways:

1) Brand awareness. If you have an animated GIF of your logo or product and use strategic SEO, people will see it. This means people are looking at your brand. In less than 2 months, our logo GIF was seen by over 1.3 million people! I can’t imagine us being able to put our name in front of this many people in any other way, unless we spent a lot of money!

2) It motivates people to promote your brand, product or event in their own stories. When you have your GIFs available and you tell your audience how they can use it, if they love your brand, there’s a big chance they will. Then you’d be spreading your brand experience to their followers and potentially grow your audience and sales. Let’s say 10 people post your GIF and mention your brand in their stories. If each of them gets 1,000 views per story, you’re getting 10k impressions, with virtually no effort!

3) It makes your brand stand out and your Instagram account more fun. Having your own Instagram Stories GIFs will make your own stories on-brand, help keep your content fresh and more appealing to your audience. When we have more than 1 billion Instagram accounts out there to be followed, anything you can do to make your content more interesting and dynamic helps!

Q: Should we make a GIF of our logo or an on brand lifestyle GIF that people will be more inclined to use? 

A: That’s a great question! We suggest you start with your logo, because even though it will be used less times, every time you or someone else uses it, people will be seeing your brand and/or the name of your business. But we definitely recommend you consider also adding fun GIFs involving your product, niche and lifestyle your audience enjoys, so you’d adding more value to your followers and your own content, which is so important today!

Q: I still don’t get it!

A: That’s probably the best part! Brands creating their own Instagram GIFs is a new concept and the sooner you adopt, the more benefit your brand will get. We are bigger believers in adopting these new tools as early as possible for maximum visibility! Currently, when you do searches on Instagram Stories GIFs, there are not a lot to choose from, which means high visibility for your own gifs. In a year, I am sure that will not be the case. Don’t you wish you started your Instagram account years ago when it was easy to grow?

Have any more questions, or are ready to get started with your own GIFs? Email us and let’s do it!

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Manu Muraro, founder of @yoursocialteam