Instagram Takeovers Done Right

Instagram Takeovers Done Right
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In a time when brands are constantly getting scammed by companies that promise to “grow your followers organically” on Instagram, I will be sharing a few ways to ACTUALLY grow your Instagram following organically and bring you business. And by that I mean, without the risk of getting your account deleted by Instagram or losing all your credibility when others see your profile filled with fake followers.

Today we will talk about Takeovers!

Takeovers are a great way to reach a bigger audience and grow, since you will be reaching both your followers and the followers of who you collaborate with, whether you are taking over someone else’s account, or they are taking over yours. It’s also great to keep your Instagram feed fresh and exciting, which will also increase engagement. Your Social Team recently took over @downtowntlanta and they had 352% more engagement that day [taps self in back]. But there’s definitely the right way to do it to get the most out of each opportunity.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Pick a theme that fits both accounts and would also be of interest of both accounts’ followers. For us and Downtown Atlanta, it was the most insta-worth places downtown. Make sure you’re adding some value with the content you share.
  2. Plan ahead. It’s much better to plan and produce all the content ahead of time, to make sure there’s a good variety of things and the images look good back to back on the feed. You also want to share the content with each other ahead of time, so there are no mistakes or surprises.
  3. Create a complete takeover document. Media (photo, video), copy, location tags, tags on photo, emojis and hashtags for each post. You can also upload the images to Planoly or UNUM and take a screen shot of how they will look side by side to include in the doc.
  4. Add a short line saying it’s a takeover to the beginning of EACH post. That’s the biggest mistake I see people do when doing takeovers. Think that people don’t see all your posts, so if you only say it’s so and so taking over that day on the first post, most people will be confused throughout the day.
  5. Mix it up. Don’t just use photos. Add gifs, videos, boomerangs and photo albums for more variety and higher engagement.
  6. Create a couple of stories. At least one to say there is a takeover going on. Don’t over do it.
  7. Include a giveaway. The simple ones, just follow, like and tag a friend to win, work wonders for growth and higher engagement.
  8. On your last post, make sure you send people back to your account. “See you at @yoursocialteam”.
  9. Make sure your feed is looking extra good so the new people that will check you out will want to stay. Make sure that your last and next posts are strategically planned to hook the new followers that you got from the takeover. In my case, let’s say the last post is a really cool Instagram hack with a great photo, and the next, I promote my upcoming workshops. Smart, huh?
  10. Suggest copy and image for posts on other social media platforms to promote the Instagram takeovers. lots of brands have bigger audiences elsewhere and you can drive them to Instagram for more views.
  11. Track results. See how many new followers each account got, how much higher (hopefully) engagement was, how many stories views you got. That will be a great tool to approach other brands to takeover their account or have them takeover yours.

As always, the best advice is HAVE FUN!

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