Instagram's Brand New Feature Will Add Stories to Your Profile!

Instagram's Brand New Feature Will Add Stories to Your Profile!
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See anything different on our Instagram profile? That’s right we got us some Instagram Story Highlights!

When Instagram Stories launched a little over a year ago, it was met with skepticism. “Did Instagram really have to just copy Snapchat?”. But after a ballin’ first year, in which they passed the original (Snap who?) in daily active users and have now over 250 million! And they just keep adding on.

A few weeks ago, it was the co-broadcasting feature on Instagram Live, which allows us to invite someone else and have a split screen conversation. We think that feature was a game changer (live interviews, anyone?) and adopted it right away. We have a new guest every Friday, so check it out!

Today, they launched yet another feature that is sure to make Stories even more crucial for any brand: the Story Highlights on your profile. From today on, your profile will have the little story circles under your bio – that’s prime Instagram real state. Not all stories will automatically show up there. You can pick which ones you want to use as your highlight, old or new. The update includes having the stories archived. You will see them all along with the archived posts from your feed (those that didn’t look good enough and you hid them!).

Instagram Highlights will give you yet another avenue to put your content in front of your followers! People who come check out your page will most likely will check out your highlights because they’re right on top.

So if you’re not using stories for your business yet (in which case we’re not friends😤), now you will just have to.

Our tips: 1) hightlight stories that represent a mix of your brand. 2) Make sure you edit the highlight image to reposition it (it’s a tiny circle, got to make the best of it!). 3) Don’t forget to pick a short title to get your visitors’ attention.

This became available today and you have to download the newest app to be able to use it.

Happy Highlighting!✌️

– Manu, founder of Your Social Team

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