Let's Conference, a women's conference by Your Social Team + ATL Girl Gang

Let's Conference, a women's conference by Your Social Team + ATL Girl Gang
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Just three months ago, I was chatting with Morgan Sandlin, founder of ATL Girl Gang, a membership-based networking community for local women, and we decided to put together a women’s conference. We picked a date, found a venue and just went for it! Fast forward 90 or so days and this past Sunday we had the first ever Let’s Conference!

Photo: Colleen Walter

Photo: Colleen Walter



Photo: Sarah Vitel

It was far from perfect (we have a LONG list of things to tweak for the next one), but I don’t think any firsts are (just go back and check your first ever Instagram post, for example!). But we did it and it was amazing!

Jeni Britton Bauer shares her brand values with us. This page according to her handwritten note, is the most powerful of all. Photo: Sarah Vitel

We had 250 attendees (sold out event), 16 AMAZING speakers that included Jeni Britton Bauer, founder of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and Susan Bennett, who is the original voice of Siri (yes, the one you talk to everyday), and the most Insta-worthy networking and vendor area you’ve ever seen.

This aligns with our advice for brands: whether you’re a brick and mortar or just throwing an event, if you make your space worth sharing your brand will promote itself. Our 3 month old conference Instagram profile, gained over 500 followers in the past 2 days. These are mostly new people because the attendees were probably all already following us.

Let’s Conference founders, Manu Muraro (left) and Morgan Sandlin (right) with Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri (center). Photo: Sarah Vitel 

We also had an influencer panel, Ladies Who Influence, with ATL Bucket List founder Alyssa Fagien, Filmmaker and photographer Karla Jean Davis of @mintkarla, Laticia Rolle of Blu Hazl and Brandi Harvey, founder of Beyond Her.

Laticia Rolle, Karla Jean Davis, Manu Muraro, Alyssa Fagien and Brandi Harvey posing for a post-influencer panel selfie! Photo: Sarah Vitel

These ladies couldn’t have been more different! In personality, industry, styles and thoughts. But they agree on their advice to remain relevant in a sea of 1 billion Instagram accounts: be genuine. Stay true to yourself. Spread positivity. Create your own thing. Do it for something you believe in and not just for likes.

For those of you who were there, THANK YOU for supporting us and contributing to that incredible powerful energy! For those of you who didn’t make it, see you at Let’s Conference 2019!



Founder of Your Social Team

Co-founder of Let’s Conference