More New Features Coming to Instagram Stories!

More New Features Coming to Instagram Stories!
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2018 is the year of Instagram Stories! With over 300 million daily users, it’s no secret that stories are vital for your business. Add to that the new algorithm, which makes it harder for your posts to be seen, and stories should be even more of a focus moving forward.

Of course Instagram sees the success, and continues expanding. First they launched the co-broadcasting feature on Instagram Live. That’s the capability to invite someone to join you live with a split screen, which we love and have been using to interview others.┬áThe next big thing was Instagram Highlights, a feature that allows you to add groups of stories to your bio and a game changer. That made stories even more important, as they can now be seen for longer than 24 hours. This feature allows stories to represent your brand in prime social media real state, right under your Instagram bio, so it also dictates which stories you should be creating.

Now it’s been announced that Instagram is rolling a few more features on Stories. Granted, none of them are as important as Highlights or split-screen lives, but none the less we thought it was relevant to share:

Text only stories.┬áVery similar to Facebook’s text only images. Nothing too exciting there, even because you can already do that on top of any image by touching the screen and holding the pen until it fills the whole screen with your choice of color.

Giphy integration (pictured). Okay, now you have my attention, Instagram! I love saving a gif and uploading it to stories. I am unsure if they will have actual movie clip gifs, or just little animations, but we will see. More on this on Tech Crunch.

Here’s an odd one: people will get notified when someone takes a screenshot their stories. I do that all the time to save them as inspiration or use them as examples in my workshops. But this seems to me like another way to track engagement, much like post saves, which can be cool.

And finally, here’s another cool one: people tagged in stories will now be able to share them. This could help our accounts grow, as it would be easily exposed to new audiences. Yay!


It’s not known when all these will be rolled out, but you can read more about it on this article by

Now please add more stories to your content strategy!


Manu, Founder of Your Social Team